Thursday, June 10, 2010

Right On Time

Lately God has really been working on me in my area of patience and waiting on Him. God is never early or never late he is always right on time!
Recently we had had some issues with our AC unit. We have 2 units and our old one that cools our living room and the children’s room went out. I had a close friend who does A/C work for a living and put in our other unit several years ago check it out. He said it is shot and in order to purchase a new one it was going to be in the thousands of dollars.
Well let’s just say that at the same time God is working on my patience He is also working on the discipline in our finances. God usually is working on multiple things at a time on me  We were having to depend on God to pull through for us. We heard Him keep telling us to be patient; I am going to take care of this. We had the kids sleeping in the dining room since it was still cool. We were prepared to shut down half of the house just because we wanted to be disciplined with our finances and save up for the new unit if it would come to that and pay cash for the new AC.
I wanted to take matters in my own hands several times and just get it fixed. God kept telling Stacey and I that He was taking care of it. My close friend had an old unit and we were not really sure it was even going to work, but he was a man of God and prayed about it. God told him to put the unit in and it will work and to donate the unit to us.
Needless to say, God was at work. The unit is working like a charm and had no expense to us. Thank you Lord for great friends and for providing all our needs according to your riches and glory.

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