Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Go Above and Beyond

Today I wanted to share with you something I learned from a recent disagreement with my wife. After a great date night, we came home and the house was pretty much a mess. I had stayed home to work from home while my youngest son was playing. Stacey was running errands all day. After I finished working, I worked out and worked with the kids on their homework. The thing I did not do was pick up the many toys my youngest son got out throughout the day. In turn causing a disagreement about me being home all day and not even picking up, pretty much ruining our date night. Even if I think to myself, yes I was working, yes I did do several loads of laundry, but I did not pick up the little things, even though I might have stepped over them many times.

God shared with me to make sure I am going above and beyond in all I do. When I am at church if I see a piece of trash or something out of place, I pick it up and put it where it goes. Why can’t I do that at my own house as well. God wants us to be excellent and that take me going above and beyond.

We need to be faithful of the small things if we want to get more. So God wants us to be excellent and go above and beyond.

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Rob said...

Great post. It's always harder to do at home.