Monday, May 10, 2010

Simply Becoming

I wanted to encourage you with a teaching I got from Ed Young Sr. during our C3 conference this past year.
What can I inside my giftedness become so I can increase and build up the church in the 21st century?
The genius is not doing the genius is becoming
Lets take a look at Paul’s life----went to Arabia after becoming Christian for 3 years where he memorized the old testament. When he preached and no one was saved, he then became wanted dead and then goes to Taursus to live with his mom for 13 years. He did not just go out and start preaching and teaching, God had to mold him and develop him into the man and instrument he was called to be. Sometime we might be too proud or not willing to step up and help because we feel like we can add more and do more. But sometimes we have to just start somewhere doing something before God can use us for our complete calling and use our potential.
Then a revival broke out in Antioch and the disciples did not know how to communicate to the gentiles and Romans so they called on Paul. That is when he started his ministry 16 years after his conversion.
Now please don’t take this as to you need to wait 16 years before you get involved in a church, start serving and giving of your time, talents and treasures. I am simply saying we need to become before we can do.
Start somewhere by doing something, get involved so you can start becoming the man or woman God has called you to become.

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