Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Enemies Greatest Weapon

Ephesians 6:12 says, “Our struggle is not against flesh and blood but against rulers, authorities, the powers of the dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.”

You need to know that the devil has your number. Recognize that he works against you. In reading Believe That You Can by Jentezen Franklin, I came across this teaching I wanted to share. Picture the devil calling a board meeting with his chief demons, “What is our greatest weapon against this person?” Some of the demons suggested lust or greed or the usual things. And then one of them said, “Our greatest weapon against the believer is discouragement.” And that’s what he uses to make you quit, especially right before you’re about to run through the finish line.
Next time you feel discouraged, don’t quit.

All it means is that the devil is so desperate to stop you that he sent his most powerful weapon against you. You should stand up and start praising God for discouragement. Say, “Thank You, Jesus! Thank You God! I must really bothering the devil, and I must be getting close to something—because I am so discouraged!”

The devil doesn’t know what to do with a child of God who talks like that. You just took hold of the very thing he tried to mess you up with, and you turned it around. You just get encouraged about your discouragement.


Brian Miller said...

nice reminder today scares me most when there are no challenges...i would much rather have peace in the storm than to live in the impotent calm.

The Glovers said...

I would argue that the enemy's greatest weapon is in his ability to glorify that which isn't worthy of glory.

His role before the fall was that of glorifying God. I think that his abilities remain even as the object of his effort changes.

The devil desires to present sin, evil, and filth as beautiful and wonderous. He is able to manipulate our natural desire for worship, not by supressing it, but by misdirecting our worship from God into other idols.

Certainly, the devil desires to see believers discouraged. Yet, I do not feel that he would see that as his greatest weapon. A discouraged man dwelling in a pit of his own despair just might realize that he is in need of a Savior. That would completely thwart Satan's plan.

However, a happy motivated towards success and riches, a man who laughs at discouragement because he is so inclined to seeing things through...that man may well come to rest in his own efforts. He might look around himself and not see a need for God. Thus, he would fall right into the trap of the devil.

I do agree that the Bible is full of people who embrace discouragement because it offers them an opportunity to cling to Christ and his power!