Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Often times we react based out of emotion rather than a factual or spiritual basis. In prayer I felt God say there are several things I can to, on how to improve my reactions. Sometimes I would just react emotionally and my reaction was completely out of line. Have you ever reacted to something you did not have all the facts on?

There are 4 things I felt God sharing with me.

Pause—The first thing we need to do is pause for a moment. Ask yourself these questions: What else can this mean? Is there something I am missing here? Am I responding more based on my insecurity?

Pray— Way to many times we try to respond in certain cases based on past experience and knowledge but sometimes we really need to pray for the answer.

Prepare and Plan
—Sometimes we need to be a little more strategic, intentional and specific in our response. We need to feel secure in the way we respond based on prayer, facts, research and experience.

Phone—After we have done the first 3 steps then we can react.

I am sharing this more based on how I want to make sure I respond in the way God wants me too.

**The small disclaimer to this is sometimes if from our experience we already know the response and based on common knowledge you might be able to skip the steps.

***Next disclaimer is we need to be in prayer at all times like Paul said, “pray without ceasing” so if we are in prayer then the response time would be a lot quicker.

Please share any thought you have on reactions?

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