Saturday, March 13, 2010

Isaiah's Breakfast Prayer

My youngest son Isaiah, age 3 wanted to pray for his breakfast this morning and I felt led to share.
“Dear God thank you for my friends and for my friends sisters and God thank you for my sisters”
As he looks around he then says, “Dad where is my Sister?”
I respond, “She is still sleeping…”
“Still sleeping,” he says, “I’m awake and you are awake why is she still sleeping?”
I respond, “She is tired.”
So he says, “Why is she so tired?”
My response was, “Wait weren’t we praying?”
“Oh yeah, and God please thank you for my house and for my food and Dad please pray for my friend to come over today and tomorrow.”
WOW, my son is quickly turning into a powerful intercessor. It is amazing how our prayers are sometimes the same. Have you ever started praying and thinking wow, I forgot to pay my bill or I forgot to email so and so or maybe call someone and we quickly forget we were even praying. I know I have plenty of times, even during my prayer today I stopped to write this blog :-)
Gotta get back to prayer just wanted to share my sons prayer and hope you can relate.

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