Saturday, March 20, 2010

Live In The Moment

I really have felt the Lord pressing on me a few things. I catch myself getting frustrated easily sometimes and I quickly realize it is coming out of some insufficiencies or inabilities I may have. It might also be coming out of something I have not done that I need to, like review bills, do school work, or any type of things I might do on a weekly basis but not be able to get to. I also sometimes get frustrated by events coming up that I have no control over until the occur. I used to find myself, while working in the corporate world being very easily agitated on a Sunday night knowing I had to go back to work on Monday.
I felt the Lord wanted me to share this with you today:
Don’t focus on what you can’t do but focus on what you can do. Don’t get frustrated because of your inabilities but praise God for your abilities. Too many times you focus on what has not been done instead of focusing on what has been done and what can be done right now. To whom much is given much is required. Use your abilities to do good and do the best you can with what you have and don’t worry, fret or get discouraged by what has not been done or can’t be done. Don’t dwell in the past or focus too much on the future but live in the moment. Live for the here and the now and once you realize this you will have true peace and joy.
The future will be determined by the things you do today.

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warrenjc said...

If we dwell in the past, we'll miss what God has for us now. I agree. I think we've all been sucked up into that one pastor. I know I am not exempt from worrying about what I did or didn't do. (Trust me on that one.)