Sunday, March 7, 2010

Why Volunteer, Whats In It For Me

Serving in your local church means a lot, you are serving for the Kingdom of God, you are serving for God, and you are making a difference in many people’s lives. And wouldn’t that be just a reward enough??? What do you guys think? Ok so I have some even better news. Sometimes we might be even thinking are there any other benefits of serving?

Studies on volunteers have shown some amazing results. Catch this…..Studies have shown that volunteering can improve communication skills. Teach new tasks and develop managerial skills than can help in the workplace. Studies also show that people who serve actually get smarter…No smart comments here please:-) Studies also show that people who volunteer are generally more healthy and have a stronger immune systems….and if you were here moving chairs and stuff for the father daughter dance…you probably found yourself getting much stronger. Studies also show that volunteering can increase a person’s confidence and interpersonal skills which are both excellent for enriching and expanding personal relationships.

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Brian Miller said...

serving will change your life...and also put into practice what you are hearing on sunday...albeit that means you must listen instead of doodling...smiles.