Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Bringing Success Part 3

Ecclesiastes 10:10
“If the ax is dull, and on does not sharpen the edge, then he must use more strength. But wisdom brings success.”

A wise person will sharpen the ax, right? A person with limited training will have to work harder, as though with a dull ax, than someone whose whose tools are in order. Today let’s ask ourselves are our tools in order. Do we have things in order in our lives or do we try to fit everything but God into our lives? We must realize that order proceeds increase. When Jesus fed the 5,000 he directed the people to sit down in groups of fifties and then he blessed the fish and loaves and THEN they multiplied (Mark 6). You see in order to see the increase in our lives we must first have order or a sharp ax. I like a Tony Robbins quote that says, “CANI or constant and neverending improvement.” This changed my life, from this quote I went from coasting to wanting more in my life. We must be constantly be growing in order to keep up with the environment around us. You know that we are training children now for jobs that will not even exist by the time they get into the workforce.

Today let’s think about what are we doing in our lives to be growing. Are you reading the Bible, reading books, listening to sermons, reading awesome blogs like this one..Haha. But seriously make sure you are growing to keep up with the environment around us so then we can see the increase and then we can see the success.

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