Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Overcoming the Battles of Depression Part 2

Psalm 34:15, 17
“The eyes of the Lord are on me and His ears are open to my cry….When I cry out the Lord hears me, and delivers me out of all my troubles.”

I think sometimes we forget that when we cry out the Lord hears our cry and delivers us from our troubles. However, sometimes it is a process in order for us to get where He wants us to be. In Genesis chapter 39, Joseph who was sold into slavery and worked his way up to be Potiphar right hand man and then was betrayed by Potiphars’ wife and was placed into prison. In Genesis 39:21 it states, “But the Lord was with Joseph and showed him kindness and caused the prison warden to like Joseph.” Joseph eventually reached his destiny where he became the 2nd most powerful man in Egypt and more importantly was able to re-unite and forgive his family.

You see even though we might be in bad situations and be placed in things we might not agree with, the Lord is still with us and like Joseph we have to continue to allow God to work. We can’t grumble and complain like the Israelites did when Moses delivered them from Egypt because they were never able to get to their destiny. One thing we must remember to do is praise God in the good times and continue to praise Him in the bad times. We must also remember His word and remember Psalm 40 where we wait patiently for the Lord so He can lift us out of the miry clay (depression, storm, trials, tests, unfairness, etc.) so that he can place us on His solid Rock! Then in remember in Psalm 40:4 it says, “Happy is the person who trusts in the Lord.”

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