Monday, March 2, 2009

At Your Service? Part 1

Matthew 20:26
“Instead, whoever wants to become great among you must be your servant.”

My eyes were opened recently on my trip to Texas where it seemed sometimes when we went into a convenient store or a fast food restaurant we expect bad service. I was amazed to see that every where we stopped with God’s favor we had great service. I was floored and God opened up my eyes to make sure I understand that serving for Him is a privileged and not an obligation.

I was encouraged greatly with Pastor Mike ( this Saturday and Sunday where we celebrated our 6 years as a church!! Awesome. We had a volunteer celebration on Saturday night, over 100 people came who were served BBQ, had a guest band play, childcare for the kids, awards, T-shirts and encouragement. It was awesome, I hope everyone else agreed.

Pastor Mike brought up the fact that we are serving for One, that we need to operate in our work like we are owners of the business. My question I would like to ask you today is, how is your service? Or do you have any recent experiences with good service?

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Brian Miller said...

love it! are we serving those around us daily as if we were trying to provide the best service possible. wonder if we tried that for a day, what it would be like?