Monday, June 29, 2009

The "Wocked" Door

No I did not spell that wrong.

We get back from our "pleasant" trip to Wal-Mart with the entire Post team; we pull into the garage like normal and start unloading. I pull Isaiah out of the car seat and ask him to go to the door to let our ferocious Chihuahua Cocoa out to greet the entire family. He walks up to the door as I am getting the grocery bags out and tries to open the door. But he gets to the door and can't push it open and he says my name about 20+ times because he is at the age that he says my name until I respond and with a "calm and patient," yes Isaiah he says "its wocked." I said it’s what? And he repeats it as clear as the first time he said it. So I gently push the door open to let Cocoa out and said "you just didn't push hard enough."

Has there ever been a time when you feel like you said something and it came out wrong? There are many times I know I have, I mean come on I have 3 children and I have to be a little transparent here and let you know that I am not always calm and patient with my precious children. I have raised my voice at them out of anger, even said some mean things to them in frustration. But, God usually quickly reminds me once I calm down that they are only children and even though they do need direction and discipline; they still need their fathers love. The same kind of love our Heavenly Father shows us. So I usually do my best to quickly ask for forgiveness and start loving on them until they forgive me.

We just need to make sure that if we do speak something that comes out wrong that we go back to that person and ask for forgiveness. So right now anyone I have every spoke something wrong about I ask for your forgiveness. All three of you....just kidding.

Today I want to challenge you to think back and if you have spoken anything wrong over someone to ask them for forgiveness.

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Brian Miller said...

you are forgiven. smiles.

stay at it brad. like your stories.

wocked indeed.