Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Ice Cream Anyone??

So we decided to go eat some ice cream this afternoon for a family outing. After it taking the kids, what seemed like the same amount of time it takes waiting in the Wal-Mart shopping checkout lane; to decide on what they finally wanted we decided to sit under a tree and eat our ice cream. After I finished eating my ice cream I noticed for some reason my middle son Solomon decided to a bite out of the bottom of the cone before finishing. Of course on a Hotlanta day the ice cream naturally melts. It starts to drip onto his clothes and he quickly realizes he made a mistake.
Ever bite something off by the wrong end? There has been several times in my life I can think of, where I bit something off from the wrong end.
Let me explain. Stacey and I made several financial mistakes in our early years that put us into some major debt. Over a period of six years my income literally doubled every two years and we were still living paycheck to paycheck. We spent many years accumulating the debt and in return it took us many years to pay it off. Well we have learned our lesson and have vowed not to use credit cards or even credit except for our house and car right now. It will be paid off soon…I am declaring.
The point here is before making any type of a decision that might affect you in the long run; make sure you are in prayer about it and really seeking God’s advice before you bite the ice cream off at the wrong end.

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Brian Miller said...

making wise choices with finances will determine your direction in life. we have been free of credit for years, after years of not. cuts the tension by 50%, which it seems is about the average you will pay in interest on that credit card.