Thursday, August 27, 2009

Have Passion To Make A Difference

I have been reading in Jentzen Franklin’s book “Believe That You Can” which is a great book. But I wanted to share a quote from the book about some of the disciples who were passionate to make a difference---even unto death.

Matthew was martyred in Ethiopia. He was slain with an axe. Philip was scourged, imprisoned, and crucified. Thaddaeus died on a cross at Odessa. James the Lesser was stoned and beaten to death with a fuller’s club. Thomas was speared because he enraged a pagan priest. John the Beloved was forced into a pot of boiling oil. He miraculously escaped and was exiled to Patmos, where he wrote the Book of Revelation. Peter was slain by Nero upside down on a cross, and his wife was crucified with him. Andrew was crucified on an X-shaped cross. Nathanael was tortured and crucified with his head facing downward.

These men made a huge difference but ended up paying the ultimate cost which was death. We need to live everyday with the same passion to be so sold out to make a difference that we are willing to die for it.

In prayer recently God and I had a conversation and I was sharing with him that I am only one man, how big of a difference can I make. He said to me, “Yes, you are one man and any type of a difference starts in the hearts of one person. So stay the course and don’t look back.” I am committed to making a difference in my children, in my wife and in my life.

How committed to making a difference are you? Let's join together to make a difference.

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