Monday, August 3, 2009

Power In Numbers

Deuteronomy 32:30

How could one person chase on thousand and two put ten thousand to flight?

There is power in numbers and I want to share with you today the power of teamwork. This past Saturday we held out biggest outreach to our community to date at Turning Point Church. Our amazing planning team had been meeting for months planning this when about two weeks out God told our Senior Pastor Michael Turner to go bigger. He told me to let the team know we were not going to give just 150 backpacks away filled with school supplies we were going to give 300 away. I said ok and let our amazing planning team know the new numbers. With little concern they knew they could pull it off with God on our side.

This past Saturday we served 300 kids and had more than 500 people out to receive backpacks, free hot dogs, drinks, chips and fun and games. With our phenomenal dream team of volunteers we did all this in 2 hours. Oh and did I mention we had 6 people give their lives to Christ and 3 get water baptized. PRAISE GOD!!!

So remember there is power in numbers and we can do so much more together as a team than we ever could do alone.

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Brian Miller said...

you know...besides the yourself a goal you can only reach if God is in it...can't put a number on that. good stuff.