Sunday, August 23, 2009

Project McDonough

This past Saturday we had an awesome opportunity to help serve in our community with a group called The Fuller Center on Project McDonough. We had a team from Turning Point and other teams out at Mrs. Miller’s house on 185 Old Griffin Rd in McDonough where we were helping fix up a house. I consider The Fuller Center kind of a Habitat For Humanity meets Extreme Makeover. They are such an amazing group of people to work with. We worked closely with Mark Galey and Shane Persaud the two men who have been heading up this project. They are completely remodeling this house and by only volunteer work and work highly off donations to fund this entire project.

The entire experience itself was very well organized, with specific instructions coming from Mark and Shane so everyone knew exactly what needed to be done. And again the awesome thing is it was all volunteers doing the work. What is so amazing is that when someone gets a vision in their mind to help someone they have to cast that vision to others and get their buy in to participate. That is exactly what Mark and Shane have done in this project. They have been in the local news, the local newspapers and local magazines here in Henry County.

Upcoming for Project McDonough:

September 5th is the big day when they are dedicating the house back to Mrs. Miller and we only have one more Saturday to get this done. So I want to ask all folks in the Henry County area if you want to make a difference and participate in something completely awesome. Come out this Saturday at 8am or when you can make it and do what you can. I know I will be there again and will have another group from Turning Point participating in this event.


Brian Miller said...

will you ask if she is related to me? lol. thats awesome that you are giving back to the community in that way!

JOHN said...

Amen what A wonderful thing yopu all are doing.May God Servants leave an empact not only on Ms Miller but those that help.And read about it.
Bro John
P.S.I too was going tom ask is she relayed to me.My Grandmother was Bessie Miller.LOL Had to Add that Brian