Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Honoring When It Is Hard

I wanted to share some teachings I have been learning about from John Bevere’s book Honors Reward.

1 Peter 2:18 says, Servants (employees, students, civilians, church members, etc.) be submissive to your master (employers, bosses, teachers, church leaders, civil authorities) with all fear, not only the good and gentle but also the harsh.

The word harsh here comes from the Greek word skolios, which means “crooked, perverse, wicked, unfair.” There are many benefits to honoring and serving our authorities. First if we are treated unfairly, our obedience to submit puts our case in the hands of God who will judge justly. If we take matters into our hands, God steps back and we are on our own. Most often when it deals with authority, we will end up on the short end of the stick.

Romans 13:1 says, “The authorities that exist are appointed by God”

When we are mistreated and continue to be a good worker, student, civilian, this is honor at its highest. It takes the fear of the Lord in our hearts to continue to treat as valuable who have mistreated us.

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