Monday, December 7, 2009

Welcome Team VIP this Past Sunday

This is the story I shared with our Welcome Team this past Sunday at Turning Point Church.

So I have an issue with my tires on the Suburban and need to get them checked out, so I went to a place where I have been before to get my oil changed. I walked in and the guy sitting behind the computer did not even acknowledge me until after standing there for a few minutes. Then it was a “how can I help you” with no smile on his face or anything. I asked him a few questions and after a few small sarcastic answers I decided to leave and go to another place my friend had told me about. I did not have much time to get this done in.

I drove to the other place where there were a few other people ahead of me, but immediately the manager acknowledged me and said it would be just a minute. Once it was my turn I asked him the same questions and without belittling me or making me feel ignorant, he said let go check it out.

He immediately came out to help me, adjusted all the air in my tires, reset my electronic register of the tire pressure and did not charge me a penny. Now in a small town like McDonough, who do you think I am going to refer people to get new tires?? You guessed it the second place. Discount Tires in front of Wal mart off 20/81

Let’s remember that today when greeting people, directing them to their parking spots, checking in their kids, greeting/ushering them into the sanctuary. We want people to leave this place feeling like they want to recommend our church because of its welcome team to all their friends and family.


Brian Miller said...

nice. great story and great starts in the parking lot and doesn't leave until they get home...

Brad said...

Thanks Brian for your encouragement. Lets catch up via phone soon!!