Friday, December 4, 2009

Slow Down

In my time with God I felt Him telling me to "Slow Down," to listen, see and feel what He is doing in your life. I was feeling that too many times I try to rush through things without giving the proper attention to all the details. It is in the details where you can feel, hear and see God moving. If we rush through things we might not feel God working, and then we get too dependent on our skills and abilities to push God out...that is a whole nutha blog.

This can work in every area of you life. In a blink of an eye my oldest daughter is 11, my middle son is 9 and my youngest is 3...WOW. Time flies, right? How many times have you said that in your life?

So today I wanted to share with you not to get too rushed by the daily activities in life that can keep you from feeling, seeing and hearing God moving in your life.

Press On, Press In and Press UP!

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Brian Miller said...

a nice reminder today brad...thank you.