Sunday, December 20, 2009

Welcome Team VIP 12/20/09

My goal is every Sunday? Can anyone guess it? It is kind of funny and weird. But it is to say Hello to everyone in the church. I know it is weird but sometimes I am doing so much that it is just that a Hi. You need to realize that you are direct reflection of me, Pastor Mike and more importantly Christ on the welcome team. Make sure every Sunday to make one of your goals to say hello with a smile to every person that walks in that door. Make sure to always say hi to the husband and wife and the kids. Just a simple hello and a smile will go a long way in the church. We want to be known as the church that was overwhelmingly welcoming but not overwhelmingly pushy.
Make sure we are honoring our guests as they walk in, honoring our leaders, and honoring our members and volunteers. Honoring people gives you huge rewards in heaven and helps to minister the Holy Spirit in this atmosphere.

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Terrace Crawford said...

You and I are alike in this Brad. I struggle to make it to everyone, since I am very chatty... but it is my goal too.

-Terrace Crawford