Sunday, July 5, 2009

Technology Rocks

I wanted to share with you a divine moment from our recent quick trip back to Tulsa. We were driving there and it is a 14 hour drive one way, so we woke up early in order to get there that night at a decent time and still be able to visit. We were making some great time, the kids wanted to eat Lunchables in the car and we drove through Subway for lunch for Stacey and I. We only made stops to use the restroom and get gas. So in mid Arkansas (which seems like such a huge state when you have been driving through it for 4 hours) we decided to stop, we noticed a sign that said Braums (a ice cream fast food restaurant) and I look up at the exit sign and see Alma, Arkansas. I quickly remember that one of my friends who I met through blogging, twitter and facebook lived in Alma. We spoke on the phone the week before and follow each other through twitter updates, facebook, blogs, and we speak on the phone, but we have never met in person. Speaking with him on the phone a week earlier I knew he was going to be traveling so I did not think he would be in town, but as soon as I pull off the exit I text him, he immediately calls and said he will be up to the Braums in 2 minutes.

So my friend Vince who I met through technology shows up and we sit and eat ice cream and visit. My family and myself feel like we have known him for years and only meeting him for a few minutes. Technology is such an amazing too to get to know people.

Now a day’s people don’t talk much on the phone, with use of email, facebook, myspace, and other technology. It can be a great tool in order to get to know people. I am a connections pastor and my job is getting people to connect to our church and by my updates, blogs, pictures, people who might not talk to me get to know who I am, with date nights, pedicures etc.

So my encouragement it to allow people to get to know you and who you are and then some day you will get an awesome opportunity to make new friends who you feel like you have been friends all along just like Vince and I.


Brian Miller said...

that's awesome! i look forward to meeting some of my blog friends one of these days in my travels. would be nice even to see the Posts again soon.

Vince Farrell said...

You took the words right out of my mouth!
You have such an awesome family and should be very proud of them. Thank you for your prayers for us and I pray for you and everything you're doing!
Love ya like a brother...only without the fighting. ;)

Brad said...

@ Brian..ditto that my man, would love to see you. Call me this week when you can to let me know how your weekend was

@Vince..thanks for your kind words and love u to my brother from another mother.