Sunday, July 12, 2009

My Turning Point Part 1

I felt led this week to share with you my story. What happened to me, why I do what I do. Well it started back in the day with me, drugs and rock and roll. I played guitar and bass so it was kind of easy to get into the entire drug thing, especially the music I was listening too. I wanted to take these drugs so I could be more creative, forget about my problems, ease my own insecurities and just have some fun. I never got too deep into the drugs mainly smoked pot and experimented with shrooms and acid. Strictly for music purposes, right?

I grew up in church however never had a relationship with God. I spent the entire church time wondering what I was going to order for lunch and wishing Mazzios had an all you could eat buffet on Sundays. However my mother kept insisting I go. There was always one scripture that stood out to me though. It said, do not judge others lest you too will be judged. So I always had that in my spirit and never tried to judge anyone based on their ethnic background, color, financial status or personalities. I just wanted to get along with everyone.

I got married, had some kids and worked in the corporate world to try to make a living for my family. God gave me success in the business field and I quickly realized that I was talented at sales, organization, and motivating people to do what I was doing. So I used my skills to sell loans, the high interest loans. I moved up with the company, promoted to a branch manager within two years with employees who were older than me. God gave me more success; I turned a low income, low growth office into a high income and high growth office.

But I felt I had more to offer, so I applied for a position in Tampa, FL. My next goal was to become the CEO of this company. I actually got the job in Tampa and moved my family from Tulsa to Tampa or half way across the United States a very long 22 hour drive.

Stay tuned tomorrow to find out what happened to me in Tampa.

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Brian Miller said...

love this story...anxiously awaiting tomorrow...