Sunday, July 26, 2009

Rosa Mexicano Anyone?

First of all I want to say that I am completely honored and humbled to lead such an awesome welcome team at our church. So each Sunday morning I will lead a VIP (Vision Information and Prayer) meeting to get out team inspired and motivated to welcome in our remarkable members and visitors into Turning Point Church.

Today this is what I shared:

My wife, her family, my kids and myself all went down to Atlantic Station this past week. My wife, mother in law and grandmother in law loved it. My grandfather in law, the kids and I were not so loving it, but we still went and enjoyed ourselves.
We all were getting hungry for dinner so we decided to go into Rosa Mexicano where we were impressed by first walking in the doors. I had 8 in our party with our kids and the hostess kindly walks up to us and asks how many are in our party and lets my son know that they ask all gentleman to kindly remove their hats before sitting. She corrected him but did it is such a graceful way that we were not offended in anyway. My son was a little embarrassed but after we explained it to him he understood. I felt a little underdressed after that comment with my camo shorts and flip flops but I did not seem to stick out.

As soon as we sat down our waitress was extremely polite and went over the menu with us, made recommendations, brought out samples for my grandfather in law and promptly served us in every fashion. The service there was amazing. I asked the waitress what the process was when getting hired there and she said they go through a 2 week process before getting in the restaurant.

So I compared that experience to us as the church, we should be overwhelmingly welcoming to our guests and make sure we are coming off extremely polite and warming to make everyone feel welcomed.

Today and every Sunday our Welcome Team does just that!!

Keep up the great work Turning Point Welcome Team!!


Brian Miller said...

it all starts at the parking lot. people will make a decision about your church before they ever hear a note of music, if your "serve" is bad. sounds like you have a great team. keep it up!

John said...

Ieill email you.Not sure whu Yours couldnt go thru to me.At my Church we have two door greeters and in our hand we have tithing envelopes.Yellow prayer card request .They fill them out and the Minister Prays over them along with the offering.Wehave blue cards for Guest. Whenever we have a Guest speaker I write in the card Thank you for being a part of our Service God udrd you.Sign It Community Praisr Tabernacle and I put The Pastors Card in with it and a love offering.And I make sure the Mc ThE pastor praise Team and Speaker ave bottled water.I do the Bptism records and take a picture of their Baptism So the next service they will have it.God has really taught me to dcevelope working in the Church.Im am so Blessed. I am praying fo your Church and now will try to email you