Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Please Give Me a Sign

Have you ever asked God to “please give me a sign?” Well I want to share with you one day when we took the kids to the library here in McDonough. If you have ever been to a library the general rule is to be quiet, right? Well we of course took all 3 of our kids and our 2 year old was running kind of wild and my wife and I were having a hard time keeping up with him. So we kind of let him do his thing by going down the different aisles since he was not making any noise.

Then I saw it… You know the time when you ask God to give you a sign. There it was “the sign” just sitting on top of the librarian’s desk. It said;

“If you leave your child unattended they will be given a shot of espresso and a free puppy”

Have you ever gotten a sign like that? What is the funniest sign you have ever seen? Please share.

1 comment:

Brian Miller said...

lol. on a sign outside an aquarium, it read...box lunches $4.99...sushi anyone?