Monday, July 6, 2009

Something to show you that God loves you

While traveling to Tulsa we had stopped at a gas station to fill up and use the bathroom, which takes place often with 3 kids. I took my son to the bathroom and came back out to the car to fill up while Stacey went in to pick us out some snacks and pay for our gas….the entire cash thing for those Dave Ramsey fans out there. After I filled up Stacey walks out and hears God say to her, “you need to give that man $20.” He kind of looked rough so Stacey questioned herself…”is that just me or is that really You God?” Well He said it again, “give that man $20.” So she gets in the car and says, God told me to give that man $20. So I said, “ok, then go give it to him.” I know that when God speaks to us to obey right away. She says, “You go give it to him.” So I of course being the wonderful husband I am say, “God told you to give it to him not me.”

She ends up making me do it, so I walk up to him with one of our compassion cards that say “Something to show you that God loves you,” we have from our church. I say I wanted to just bless you with this and handed him the card and the $20 bill. I start to walk away and he said, “wait thank you so much I was just on the pay phone trying to get my relatives to western union me some money for gas because I don’t have any.” WOW. Isn’t it amazing how God works. I really think that man called me back there for God to increase my faith.

After we tell our kids what we did, my youngest son confirms the story about him being on the phone, he said, “I heard him on the phone in there trying to get some money.”

I tell you this story not to brag or to come off arrogant in anyway, but to share with you the power of obeying when God asks you to do something. Today I want you to do something nice to someone who does not expect it.


John said...

I am glad I came across your blog.I plan to follow it.Isnt God wesome. Stop by and read my blog.When you Can.I read you have three kids.Thats abusy life.When you can stop by mine and comment from time to time.God Bless you and YOUR fAMILY.

Brian Miller said...

God works in mysterious ways. good job following through. sometimes its the small things he asks that lead us to greater things.

know what you mean about the bathroom breaks.