Monday, September 7, 2009

Five Principles I Have Learned About Leadership

Influence is Not about A Position

Many people have the assumption that you need to have a title in order to be a leader. Early in my career I thought that once I reached a manager, or an area training director or a district manager then people would listen to me. I quickly realized that this is not the case at all. Leadership is all about influence. In my many years of managing numerous different types of people I now understand that to get people to do what you ask them to do does not always come down to you being the boss. It more comes down to influencing them why they need to do something. It does not always consist of if they don't do what you ask they might loose their job. But again the WHY they need to do it. The why is the whole factor in the influence.

If a person can see the benefit in why they are doing it then the leader should be able to count on it getting done. Now sometime yes time can be of the essence and if they have trust in the person leading them then the leader would not have to go into full detail on the why.

This week I felt led to share some leadership principles I have learned in my many years in the corporate world and now the transfer into ministry. I will go over five leadership principles this week:

Part 1 Influence is not about position

Part 2 Leadership calls for decisions

Part 3 Adjusting to different types of people

Part 4 Staying Positive

Part 5 Accountability

Take this journey this week with me and let me know your thoughts by commenting in my Facebook, Twitter, Wordpress or Blogspot. Thanks.

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Brian Miller said...

great principles...i look forward to the journey....hope you have a great labor day!