Saturday, September 12, 2009

Five Principles I Have Learned About Leadership Part 5


Coming from the corporate world this word "accountability" is probably one of the most common words used, especially in our economy. If you can't perform your duties and responsibilities there are consequences in turn requiring the leadership team to hold you accountable. Being a leader you will have to have those difficult conversations with those who are not performing.

During my role as leader, I would have those difficult conversations but I would always have some direction for them to follow to increase their performance. I would also require them to come up with some ideas and some new things they could do to increase their performance. Many times it worked and their performance increased but many times it did not. Which created another conversation on whether they really were cut out for that type of work or not.

Being a christian was sometimes difficult because there were some people who were just not able to physically, mentally and socially meet their job responsibilities. But I had to speak the truth in love and explain to them that there is something else out there for them.

Accountablilty also comes down to discipline on the persons part and also the leaders part. You loose credibility as a leader if you don't follow up on the areas and discussions you had with that person about their responsibilities. If you are unable to confront those who are struggling in areas then you might not be the right person for leadership.

Again, remember to speak the truth in love when holding someone accountable.

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JOHN said...

Everything you wrote in this last entry in exactly what my Pastor teaches us he lives by it. I wrote an entry titled Gaod Bless The Child.When you can could you stop by and read it and leave your comment.I respect your way of thinking and would be greatful for your time.