Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Five Principles I Have Learned About Leadership Part 2

Leadership calls for decisions.

In my years in the corporate world there were many people calling me asking me questions expecting me to answer ever one of them. Most of the time I trained my team when coming to me with a problem to come with a few solutions to the problem. Now of course in the corporate world we still had our policies and procedures and we always had a manual we could go through, but on the gray area questions that did not fit within the guidelines set out called for someone to make a decision.

In my corporate career I was given approval limits to approve lending money to customers. It called for decisions and based on your decision that would determine if a loan would be profitable or for it to go delinquent and cause you to have to personally call and collect. What I am saying here is there are obviously consequences for all your decisions.

Also every day in my decision making I would constantly be in prayer about the decisions but make sure that once I made the decision I was confident with that decision. I learned to make sure that strong leaders when giving a decision would not hesitate even if they were not completely confident in that decision. When making a decision be confident in making it.

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