Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Success out of Failure

I was reading this past week and wanted to share something with you today. There has been many stories that you can track peoples success back to failures they had to go through.

Abraham Lincoln failed many times before he became our president.

I recently read about Truett Cathy owner of Chick-fil-A where when he first started he couldn't put three words together verbally without stumbling over himself. Three weeks after he opened his first store, it burned to the ground. When he finally got his second store built, his brothers, who were his partners, were all killed in an airplane crash.

Too many times people would give up after that. What's the use, why keep trying? Many peoples failures were handicap them in their pursuit for greatness. But not too many people now a days are born into greatness they become great.

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Brian Miller said...

great post...some of the greatest successes come out of failure...persistence and vision are key...and never give up hope!