Thursday, September 10, 2009

Five Principles I Have Learned About Leadership Part 4

Staying Positive

Too many times when things get tough and things are not going your way the leader needs to make sure they are staying positive. In leading my team I make sure that I am always positive. Being an encourager, a motivator and inspire those under me. Your attitude determines your altitude as John Maxwell said.

When I first started out I remember telling myself that some people are motivated by intimidation but I was always motivated by positive affirmations. So when leading a team I motivated by staying positive. I would say affirmations, scriptures, and incantations to motivate myself and then in turn motivating others.

I was 24 years old leading a team who were twice my age I had to be different. My positive attitude was just that. After having success a lot of people asked me what was my key. After telling them it was by always staying positive I heard things like "that will never work at my office" but those that actually changed their minds and starting being positive showed success and had much higher employee moral.

People want you to lead them in a positive manner. That does not always mean that you don't have to sit them down and correct them in areas they are struggling in but there is a positive way you can discuss it with them. Praise in public and correct in private. Tomorrow we will be talking about accountability.

Let me know your thoughts on what motivates you?

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Brian Miller said...

there are a lot of ways to artificially motivate your team...contest, prizes...they are fun, but when you have a leader with a big vision that they can see, touch and taste i think it does amazing things for peoples motivation.