Monday, September 14, 2009

What Leadership Means To You? Guest Writer Brian Miller

Guest Writer: Brian Miller

My sister holds the Guinness Book record for the most rest rooms visited over a 311 miles trip. That’s how long it took us to get from Roanoke, VA to Topsail Beach for vacation. Just when you would start to feel the rhythm of rubber on asphalt, her little head would pop up and she needed to go again.

Often I wondered if I would hit puberty before we ever saw the waves, because for me it was about getting from here to there as quick as possible to be able to enjoy it there. It’s an easy trap to fall into as a leader. Leadership is about more than moving from point A to point B.

I used to believe that way, the problem was, when I got to point B, I could look back and retrace my steps by all the bodies I left laying in the dust by the side of the road. All sacrificed on the altar of ego.

Leadership is a delicate balance between people and progress. When the progress becomes more important than the people, the bodies tend to stack up and leadership becomes a lonely place. When the people become more important than progress, you have a bunch of happy people that never go anywhere.

After hitting enough rest stops, I have learned their value as well. It gives you an opportunity to look back and see where you have come, reorient to where you are heading and make sure you arrive together.

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Brian Miller said...

thanks for letting me a part of this Brad!

Rob said...

Good post Brian.

Brian Miller said...

thanks rob.