Friday, September 25, 2009


Last week God gave me some insight that I wanted to share with you today and pray that this message will radically impact and change some of your struggles that you might deal with on a daily basis. I wanted to open up to you today and share that last week, I was being attacked hard by the enemy and he was hitting me with depression, discouragement, and doubt. I was down and not up to my normal self. I could hold it together but the enemy was really working on me and I started feeling it not only mentally but also physically.

In prayer God gave me James 4:7, where it says “Resist the devil and he will flee from you.”

So while driving in my car to work I started saying and then shouting over and over again the following;

“I resist you depression and now you must flee from me!”

“I resist you doubt and now you must flee from me!”

“I resist you discouragement and not you must flee from me!”

What you can do is INSERT what you are dealing with in this verse and then just say it out loud, shout it if you need to over and over. You might be dealing with depression, lust, addictions, fear, doubt, sickness or whatever, but with His word you will overcome. As I kept saying that I could feel that I was spiritually making some breakthrough in my life however it was not instant. I did not really feel the entire impact of it until the next day when I woke up and felt much better.

I was also reminded in Matthew chapter 4:1-11 that the way Jesus overcame the temptations of the devil was he quoted the word. “It is written….man does not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God…do not put the Lord your God to the test…Away from me Satan…worship the Lord your God only and serve Him only!!!”

Today resist the enemy and he will flee from you. I would be honored if you shared any insight or thoughts on this subject.

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Brian Miller said...

i needed this today...thanks brad.