Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Turning Fear Into Faith Part 2

Turning Fear Into Faith Part 2

Psalm 112:7 and 8
“I won’t be afraid of bad news, my heart is steady because I trust in the Lord, I am confident and will not be afraid.”

What do you do when you get bad news? Do you fear or do you have faith. Today at noon, I get a call from Stacey and it is one of the worst calls you can get, “I have been in a wreck and it’s not good.” My heart drops to my feet and I am frantic. What do I do? I find out everyone is ok; no one is hurt just a little shaken up.

Sometimes when we get the news we have to process it and know that if our hearts are steady and we trust in the Lord we can be confident and not be afraid. Every night before our kids go to bed Stacey and I pray over them, for God’s protection, wisdom and knowledge. And in times where you have a bad wreck, where the car had to be towed into the shop, we can know that God protected us.

How do you or have you responded to bad news? Don’t be afraid but hold your heart steady to trust in Him!

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