Thursday, December 11, 2008

Turning Your Sickness Into Health Part 4

Isaiah 58:8
“My light shall break forth like the morning and my healing (my restoration and the power of a new life) shall spring forth speedily.”

Sometimes you healing will take place speedily like the prophet Isaiah said. Sometimes it takes time and a ton of faith. I heard a story recently where a woman was being prayed over for her sickness where she could not walk or move and when she was being prayed over, she felt it and said thank you Lord. Her husband wheeled her home and the next morning got her out of bed and she still needed him to help her get out of bed and at the breakfast table they laughed out loud. Because they knew it took place and they were giving God the praise. Next day the same thing happened and the next day and by the 10th day, the husband heard something in the kitchen and there she was up and making the breakfast. Praise God, sometimes we have to know that when it happens we might go through a small season prior to our healing to manifest.

So today know that the prayer you prayed yesterday might not happen immediately but it did happen and continue to give God the praise for it. Make sure you don’t also continually ask God for the same thing, once you ask for the healing to manifest the next time you pray, Thank Him, that is very important. Because when you continually ask for the same thing you are showing lack of faith. Ask God one time and then thank Him for it.

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