Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Awakening Day 1

We started our corporate fast today where we have invited our church to join us in a 21 day fast. This is a time where we fast something in our life whether food or something important to us to make it a sacrifice. During the time when you would usually watch television or eat you can spend time in prayer and the word. God has really challenged me to fast these 21 days and He shared with me that this is going to be the most powerful fast I have ever had.

Jesus did not say if you fast but when you fast in Matthew 6:16. Basically He was saying that we will fast. Now He also says not to boast when we are fasting. I am not doing that today just sharing what is on my heart. God has challenged me to in the next 21 days to be blogging consistently and sharing with you what He is sharing with me. We are having our kids fast as well—they have a certain plan and fasting certain things each day and reading their Bible and devotional.

I am extremely excited to see what God is going to do these next 21 days, in my life, in our family, in our church and in our country.

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