Thursday, January 14, 2010

Stretch Out Your Hand

Don’t ever be afraid to step up and step out of your place where you are. Too many times we have a tendency to stay where we are not compelled to make a difference in our life. We have to be able to change our mind set to know that we have a purpose and destiny inside us to make a difference in not only our life but those around us. We have to evaluate our lives and find out if we are a lifter or do we drag people down.

In Matthew chapter 12, the Pharisees were questioning Jesus on why his disciples would work on the Sabbath. Jesus refers back to if any of our sheep falls and are in a pit will we not go and rescue them? So my question is we need to be treating our lives as to how can we keep from these sheep from falling into the pit? What can we do to prevent that? It all comes down to us changing. Jesus asked a man with the shriveled hand in Matthew 12 to “Stretch out his hand.” And it says he was completely restored!!

How well are you doing in your life with stretching out your hand? Will you be willing to serve on your Sabbath?

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