Sunday, January 17, 2010

Take Ownership Demand Excellence

I was sharing this with our welcome today @ Turning Point Church about taking ownership and demanding excellence. I pray you will be able to also use this in your daily lives. I was encouraging the team to make sure we are creating an environment where the power and character of Jesus is so relevant that people leave in awe.

Mark 7:37 says, the people were overwhelmed with amazement and said, “He has done everything well.”

Matthew 9:8 says, when the crowds saw this, they were filled with awe.
Luke 7:16 says, they were filled with awe.

We want people leaving our church on Sundays saying wow, they did everything well. I was encouraging them to be thinking of what we can do to make our team better and then step up and do it. Don’t just work on in but work in it. We can be doing the wrong thing and be in the right environment and God will still move. People will be filled with awe.

I want to encourage you to take an evaluation of your life, your business, and your ministry and ask yourself are we reflecting the glory of Jesus with people walking away saying wow.

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