Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Be On Purpose

I wanted to share with you today what God was putting on my heart. He told me to make sure to be on purpose in every area of my life and to have a plan for everything I am doing. Be on purpose in your marriage, be on purpose in your parenting, and be on purpose in your ministry and health and life. Every week I have to make sure that I actually plan out a date night with my wife to make sure we have purpose in my marriage. Every week I have to plan out my meetings with people and week to keep on track. I try to plan every month to have a date with my kids, plan a family day, and plan a family devotional and quarterly plan to have lunch with my kids at school. I share this not to boast but to let you know that in everything we do we need to be intentional and have a strategy for the things God has called us to do.

Too many times we can get wrapped up in what we are doing and forget about those around us. God has a purpose and destiny for each one of us and we have to realize and walk in what he has for us.

My challenge for you is what areas are you on purpose in your life and what areas do we need to step up in.

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Brian Miller said...

thanks for the wake up call today. smiles.