Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Be Authentic

I wanted to share with you today about making sure you are being authentic. Way too many times people try to put on a front when so many people can actually see through it.

God has called us to be authentic in our relationship with others. I have tried to be real intentional about returning emails, returning calls and making sure that I follow through with what I say. Anytime you fail to do what you have said you loose credibility.

God has called us to make a difference in peoples lives and I want to stretch your thinking today to make sure you are real when you are in your daily life. Let me stop you right there also because Provers says "the Power of Life and Death are in the tongue." So there are actually power in our words so when people ask how you are doing, being authentic does not mean that you are a downer and tell everything that is going wrong in your life. That is not my message here today.

My message today is to challenge you to make sure you are following through with what you say, have a guideline on returning email, and phone calls. God has challenged me lately to make sure I am responding in a life giving way to my phone calls, email and any direct communication I come across. What is God telling you through this blog??

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Rob said...

I pray that God will help me be real on a regular basis. I hate being fake, but there are times when I find myself tyring to impress people.